2018 Design Trends for Renovating Your Property

2018 Design Trends for Renovating Your Property

home renovation hoa santa claritaWith 2018 here with us, it’s time for new beginnings and what better way but to spice up your home or building than to add more life to it. Home improvements are a big deal to most people, and therefore it is essential that you get it right from the start. Do not be left out, try out some of these latest trends.

Use of Color

Previously, most homeowners played safe with neutral colors, but things are changing this year with the embrace of deep, expressive colors in most buildings. If you want to stand out, you should try to brighten your space with vibrant colors that bring out some comfort and warmth to your home.

Incorporation of Nature

Incorporating nature into your home design is another hot trend for the year. Most people are trying to embrace the beauty of nature by adding pieces such as plants, wooden carvings, and hand-carved bowls. All these will give your house a natural and appealing finish.

Balance of Decor

2018 will see a return of the concept of having the right balance to your home in regards to coziness and simplicity. Unlike previous years, most homeowners will realize that there is no fun in having a uniform décor and that you can have a mixture of both new and vintage concepts and still get a good feel of your home. The trick is to ensure a correct balance.

Changing Patterns and Finishes

2018 is the year of the return of old vintage appliances. Marble countertops will undoubtedly have a comeback this year as people try to phase out the use of granite as favorable material. Appliances made from stainless steel will start diminishing this year as people try to use kitchen appliances made from old vintage options. The year will surely see the return of vintage as one of the hottest trends for the next few years.

Sustainability of Home Systems

One of the trends that will continue in 2018 is designs that are environmentally friendly to enhance sustainability. This is because of the need to go green and conserve energy. This year, we will see many homeowners continue with the use of energy efficient windows and energy roofing systems to save energy.

Renovating your HOA property, both inside and out, will undoubtedly raise your home value. It’s always a good idea to check with your HOA board for specific rules and regulations regarding renovation.

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