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When choosing to lease or own property in a Homeowners Association in California, it is important to know all of the homeowner association rules that apply to tenants or owners. National Property Management Group is Santa Clarita’s expert on the California laws that pertain to Homeowners Associations.California HOA Law


California refers to homeowner associations as a common interest development (CID). They are governed by laws that are drawn from Civil Code, Corporations Code, Subdivided Lands Act of the Business and Professions Code, and Government Codes. The current structure in California  HOA law narrows decision-making power, rule making authority, and control over association resources for the association board.


Over the years, there have been changes to California state law creating limited consumer protection for homeowners.  Currently there are approximately 41,000 California homeowner associations, with an estimated 1000 additional CIDs added each year. About 25% of the state’s population lives in an association, bringing forth numerous fees, complaints, and an increased need for management.


The majority of homeowner complaints stem from the legal structure of the association in which legislative, executive, and judicial power is vested in the board. To address these issues, Legislature directed the California Law Revision Commission to study the association laws and recommend legislative changes. Homeowner and consumer advocates have formed into Sacramento based groups to take homeowner issues straight to legislators and ask lawmakers to carry and pass bills that offer consumer protection for homeowners. They analyze CID bills, testify at hearings, and lobby at the state capitol.


California homeowner association groups are always lobbying for changes, and the laws are adapting to meet needs. This is where National Property Management Group can help you. We are completely up to date on all of the federal, state, and local laws to make sure that your property runs smooth and tenants are happy. Visit for more information.

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