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The Role of Your HOA Board of Directors

If you are a member of a HOA, you may have wondered what exactly is the role of your HOA Board of Directors is. The fact is that in order for a homeowner’s association to be effective, it needs to have a strong, solid and committed board of directors that understands its purpose and that pursues it with a passion.handsonhands

There are several things that a board must understand in order to be effective. This includes the strengths and the weaknesses of the association, the history of the HOA and what needs to be accomplished.

The concept of an HOA is to provide continuity and order to the entire community, maintain the architectural integrity and guide the common elements. When the HOA is ran property, it will promote the “community” concept and protect the property values of the neighborhoods. There are many cases where the HOA will provide recreational and other types of facilities that would otherwise not be possible in certain communities.

The Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

The HOA has an exclusive responsibility for the upholding of common elements and to manage and operate the business affairs of the association, which is all in accordance with the governing documents that were originally drafted at the development of the association. The board of directors is the party that carries out these responsibilities and duties.

In most cases, the board of directors is a non-compensated body, unless there are provisions in the bylaws that provide some type of compensation. The authority of the board is inclusive of the duties and the powers that are laid out in the general law.

Each member of the board has a fiduciary responsibility to act in the good faith and best interest of the other members of the association. Understanding the role of your HOA Board of Directors can help you better understand the HOA as a whole.


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