HOA Pool Rules in Santa Clarita California

Homeowners Association Community Pool Safety

Many Southern California apartment, townhome, and condominium complexes offer community pools for tenants. During the summer season, larger volumes of residents visit the pool area to escape the heat and have fun in the sun. It is important for property managers and HOAs to post rules and guidelines to keep the pool areas safe, and remove Association liability. National Property Management Group experts in Property management assists many properties in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley’s HOA Swimming Pool in Santa Claritaincluding surrounding areas with making community pool areas safe!


NPMG has some basic rules for property managers and HOAs in Santa Clarita and San Fernando surrounding areas to follow when offering a community pool for residents. Post clear warning signs and pool rules for tenants. First and foremost, have a special key entry available for only residents to ensure that only tenants and their guests have access to the pool. Every pool must have a lifesaving floatation device with instructions on how to use it, along with illustrated instructions on how to give CPR in case of an emergency. Food, drinks, and alcohol should be prohibited, along with any glass containers or bottles to prevent danger of broken glass. An adult must always accompany children, and they should be kept away from using the Jacuzzi along with the elderly and pregnant women. Remind tenants to clean their area and gather any belongings. Lastly, dogs and pets are not permitted in the pool area.


There are many rules and guidelines that residents must follow in order to keep community pools clean, enjoyable, and safe. Offering a community pool is a great perk when filling vacancies, and it doesn’t need to be a scary liability for property managers and HOAs! If you need help making your community pool safe and secure, contact National Property Management Group to take care of all your needs. NPMG is the top property management group in Santa Clarita and the San Fernando Valley’s.

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