Santa Clarita Property Management: HOA Rules and Regulations

If you are the member of a Homeowners Association in Santa Clarita, you may wonder about the rules and regulations that apply to you. The CC&Rs, which are adopted by the HOA’s Board of Directors, are ones that you must follow. The CC&R’s are established for the sole purpose of providing direction to the homeowners and can cover things such as the hours that you can use a pool, vehicles, parking, and more. Here at National Property Management Group, a property management group serving Santa Clarita, we would like to help you to understand these rules.

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The Association will likely adopt various Architectural Guidelines with procedures that include submitting requires for making changes to any house or building. These changes can include things such as exterior color alterations, landscaping, decks, patio covers, and any type of extensive interior alterations.

The guidelines and rules that have been established are used for maintaining the integrity and aesthetic value of your community on behalf of all the owners, and are there to help and protect the market value of the investment you have made. Any violations of the rules that have been established can result in action from the Board of Directors, as well as a monetary fine. Additionally, if you proceed to complete any type of exterior change or improvement without the written approval of the Board, you will be required to correct or remove the alteration, or you will have to pay some type of fine.

National Property Management Group can help you to better understand the rules and regulations established by your HOA, which will help you stay in the good graces of the Board of Directors and your neighbors.

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