HOA Satellite Dish Rules in Santa Clarita California

Homeowners Association Rules About Satellite Dish Installation

One of the most commonly asked HOA questions is whether or not residents can install a satellite dish to their property. It is important for the HOA to know both federal and state laws associated with dish installation. National Property Management Group is Santa Clarita’s expert on property management, and HOA satellite dish rules.HOA Satellite Dish Rules


HOAs across Southern California strive to protect their rental property, including the maintenance and installation of equipment on the property. Many residents opt for satellite television, presenting the issue of installing a satellite dish on their home. NPMG can step in and help the HOA with answering resident questions, and ensuring that all laws regarding satellite installation are followed.


Federal law prohibits landlords from restricting a renter’s use of antennas or dishes as long as certain criteria are met. In a housing community, owners can install a dish with the approval of the HOA. There are some rules that must be followed by both the HOA and the residents, including:

  • Dish must be less than 40 inches in diameter
  • It must be installed in exclusively private space (balcony, deck, patio)
  • The dish cannot hang into common areas (roof, exterior walls, windows, hallways)


HOAs can enforce reasonable restrictions on satellite dish installation, such as banning certain mounting methods, and informing residents of exactly where the dish can be installed. A satellite dish can create a safety hazard and damage property if improperly positioned, so it is important to establish a set of rules to protect residents and the property. National Property Management Group can help your HOA enforce the rules, and ensure that residents are safe. Contact us to learn more about HOA satellite dish rules in Santa Clarita.

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