Santa Clarita Homeowner Association Education

Homeowner Association Education in Santa Clarita from NPMG

When you are considering bringing on the services of a property management service, such as National Property Management Group, a crucial consideration you should make is the type of education that is offered. It is extremely important for a property management organization to provide both the board members of the Home Owners Association, as well as the homeowners, with regular education in order to increase their knowledge regarding the services that they offer, as well as services that are available within the community.


At NPMG, regular seminars are created where homeowners and board members are able to talk to contractors, lawyers and even insurance brokers regarding different services that they need, how they affect the HOA and common questions that are asked.


Education should play a key role in any property management service, as this helps to keep all homeowners and HOA board members informed on issues, needs and various factors that can affect the community.


Property Management Education for HOA Board Members

While educating the community’s homeowners is one aspect of a property management company’s role, another important aspect is helping the board members fully understand what their role and responsibilities are, in the position that they hold. Some of these responsibilities include:


  • Aspects of governance;
  • Reserves and budgets;
  • Enforcement of rules’
  • Ethics;
  • Elections and meetings;
  • Building communities;
  • Landscapes;
  •  Fines and collections;
  • Foreclosures.


When this type of education is provided to board members of a home owner’s association they will be able to fully understand their role in the community and ensure that all rules, regulations and other aspects are upheld.


National Property Management Group offers a wide array of educational opportunities for board members as well as homeowners that will provide them with insight to services that will impact them, their home and the community.

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