Rental Agreement with Pets in Santa Clarita

Renting Your Home to Pet Owners in Santa Clarita

Rental Property owners in Santa Clarita have the difficult task of making tenants happy and providing them with amenities and rights. Millions of Americans own cats, dogs, and other household pets, limiting their housing options to animal friendly properties. While there are certain risks with allowing pets on a property, there is a substantial portion of the renter market you will gain profit from. National Property Management Group is Santa Clarita’s trusted property management company. There are some key points to keep in mind if you are a Santa Clarita property owner allowing tenants to have pets.Pet Rentals Santa Clarita


  • Add a pet policy to the rental lease agreement, clearly explaining all the rules
  • Indicate the number of pets, weight or size limits, and types of animals allowed on the property
  • Check with state and local laws to make sure there are no rule violations
  • Make sure tenants’ pets are up to date on their vaccinations, and have proper identification and licenses.
  • Make sure pet responsibilities are primarily the renters. This rule also ensures that tenants keep a substantial role in ensuring their pet is controlled, and does not deface any property.
  • You may choose to charge your tenants an extra fee for having a pet, and keep anywhere from 100-300 dollars of their security deposit to be held in case of damage from the pets.
  • Inform tenants that you reserve the right to change the pet policy at any point, so you can update rules if any issues arise.


These are just some of the key ideas to consider when renting your Santa Clarita home to tenants that have pets. If you are considering this change for your property, contact National Property Management Group in Santa Clarita to help you make this transition. Our expertise and experience will make the shift to an animal friendly property easy and profitable.

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