Tips For Saving Water for Santa Clarita HOA’s

Tips for Saving Water in Santa Clarita

Save Water in Santa ClaritaThe overwhelming heat of the summer has once again produced drought like conditions all over the great state of California. The effects of the drought can be lessened if inhabitants of the state pull together and take a few precautionary measures to reduce the amount of water that they consume each day. Studies show that the average Californian uses around 220 gallons of water each day, which can severely worsen drought like conditions. The following are a few tips on saving water during the hot humid months of the summer.

Checking Your Sprinkler Settings

One of the most beneficial things that a homeowner can install to help with the condition of their lawn is a sprinkler system. The sprinkler system has controls that will allow you to determine what time of day your lawn gets watered and the amount of water that it gets. During the hot summer months, you need to make a point of checking the settings on your sprinkler to make sure that you are not wasting water. You need to pay attention to the ground following the watering to ensure that there are not large puddles on the ground because this is a sign that you are using too much water.

Recyclable Car Wash

Another very important thing that you need to consider when trying to do your part to save water is the car wash that you use. The summer months are usually filled with a lot of cruising around and most car owners want to make sure that their vehicle looks its best, which is why they go to the car wash so much. You need to make sure that the car wash that you are using recycles the water that they use to clean cars. The less water that is used during the washing process, the better it will be for the environment around you.

Cover Your Pool

Yet another very important thing to do when trying to help conserve water is to cover your pool. Thousands of gallons of water are wasted each year due to evaporation of pool water, which can be easily remedied. In order to reduce the amount of water that you use to fill up your pool during the summer, you need to get a cover for it.

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