Property Management: What are Rules and Regulations?

What are Rules and Regulations?

The primary task of a homeowners association in Santa Clarita is to offer protection for its members, as well as protect their actual property values. If you are the member of a HOA in the Santa Clarita Valley you likely already know that one of the primary roles of the organization is to create a set of rules and regulations to run the HOA. While there is a core framework for the rules, the actual details are outlined by the members. If you are planning to purchase a home that has a HOA, it is important to understand what are rules and regulations and how they apply to you.HOA Rules and Regulations in Santa Clarita

Understanding the Rules

If you are unfamiliar with a HOA, then knowing what are rules and regulations of the HOA is essential. The rulebook will be as precise as the members of the HOA want it, but in order to be set as a rule or regulation all members must agree. The rules and regulations that are outlined can include things such as guides for pet ownership, types of flags that can be displayed outside of a house and how tall grass is allowed to be.

The Resolution Process

If you want to propose a new rule to the HOA, you must go through a resolution process. The process will not require an amendment to the core of the HOA rules and regulations, which oftentimes require the intervention of an attorney. Once the rule is proposed, the review board will go over it and offer HOA members the information so that they are able to comment. You must have a majority agreement vote in order to enact the rule.

Understanding what are rules and regulations in the HOA and how they impact you is crucial if you plan to move into this type of environment. Ultimately these rules and regulations are meant to help you and ensure that you live in a nice and safe community.


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