Santa Clarita Property Management: What to Include on Your Homeowner’s Association Agenda

The process of planning and then conducting an effective Homeowners Association board meeting in Santa Clarita begins with a great meeting agenda. The agenda provides a type of road map for the meeting and is a powerful and useful tool that will help keep both the homeowners and the board members in control and on topic. The fact is that the agenda has to be part of the notice of a HOA meeting, which will be provided to the members prior to the actual meeting. Rental Properties

A good agenda is one that will help to facilitate effective, efficient and a smooth meeting for everyone involved. In order to create a great meeting agenda, use the guidelines that we at National Property Management Group (NPMG)–a property management company serving Santa Clarita–have highlighted here.

Executive Session

An executive session is able to be held either before or after the open session meeting, or at a time completely different from the open meeting, depending on what needs to be discussed, the availability of the directors or any other participating members. Since the executive session of the meeting is confidential, there will need to be a separate agenda created for this portion of the meeting. The Davis-Stirling Act outlines the items that a board is allowed to address during the executive session, which includes:

  • Any legal issues.
  • The formation of contracts.
  • Any type of disciplinary hearing.
  • Personnel issues.
  • Issues regarding assessments payments.
  • Foreclosure.

As of January 1, 2012 all members have to be provided with a notice that an executive session meeting is taking place. In order for the HOA to be compliant with the new requirements, executive session meetings have to be given in the following:

  • During an open meeting
  • In between open meetings

The notice of the executive session has to be posted in a prominent location or an area in common areas and mailed to any owner that has requested to receive the notification by mail.

A typically agenda for an HOA meeting will include the following:

The Call to Order

This is the informal, yet official opening of the HOA board meeting.

Ratification of the Previous Meeting’s Minutes

This is the specific block of time that is set aside to ratify the meeting minutes for the previous board meeting. Additionally, the board may ratify or introduce any business that is conducted through an emergency email meeting or by any unanimous consent.

Old Business

The board will discuss any tabled or unresolved items of business that have come from the previous board meeting.

New Business

During this item on the agenda, any new items that are presented to the board must be discussed and then voted on.

Open Forum for Members

There are some boars that may choose to have the open forum at the beginning of the meeting, rather than the end. No matter what time you decide to have it, members must be provided with the chance to address the board.

Adjournment of the Meeting

This is the formal dismissing of the meeting.

It is important to have a well-planned out agenda for your HOA meeting in Santa Clarita, because it will help the event to run more smoothly and keep the meeting on track. To learn more about what to include on your Homeowner’s Association Agenda, or to find out how you can hire NPMG for all of your Santa Clarita property management needs, contact or visit National Property Management Group.


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