Garage Space As Storage Santa Clarita

Many homeowners and renters are fortunate to have a garage space for their use. However, people often don’t utilize their space efficiently, making garages more of a hassle than a luxury. Garage spaces are a great way to store belongings you do not use every day, seasonal items, sporting goods, boxes, and even cars if the space is utilized properly. Before spending hundreds of dollars to rent a storage unit, there are ways to reorganize your garage and make functional use of the space.garage-of-junk


Here are some tips from National Property Management Group a Santa Clarita Property Management company for homeowners to maximize their garage spaces effectively!

  • Use as much vertical and ceiling space in your garage as possible. By stacking and filling space upward, you increase the chance of fitting a car inside.
  • Before you start reorganizing, take everything out of the garage and analyze the available space.
  • Do a cleaning and decide what you truly need and what you can donate.
  • Group like items together so they are easy to organize and find.
  • Label everything! This will make it easy to search for stored items quickly and without making a mess.
  • Pain the walls if possible to have a clean and polished look to your garage.


There any many ways that homeowners can clean and organize garage spaces. For more information about rental property management visit our website at

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