HOA Board Annual Disclosures

HOA Board Annual Disclosures

hoa disclosures santa claritaAre you legally prepared this year within your Santa Clarita HOA? You could find yourself in hot water if you do not understand what is legally required. HOA board annual disclosures are required to operate your HOA, no matter your location. In California, there is legislation to govern how your HOA manages affairs. Let’s discuss the annual disclosures and how you can be prepared this fiscal year.

The Davis-Sterling Act

California has passed legislation for HOAs to follow to the tee. The Davis-Sterling Act goes into detail regarding what a HOA needs to complete for annual disclosure to your actual homeowners and California Secretary of State. There are three categories within the Davis-Sterling Act that are of most importance for your HOA including:

  • The Annual Budget Report
  • The Annual Policy Report
  • Miscellaneous other requirements
  • These important disclosures and reports are crucial to keep your HOA up and running.
  • The Annual Budget Report

This report has various requirements and must be provided within 30 to 90 days of the start of your fiscal year. The requirements include a full budget or a summary of your HOA pro forma budget, summary of HOA’s reserves, reserve funding plan and whether or not special assessment will be required, and any outstanding loans and the information associated with them.

The Annual Policy Report

This report also must be provided within 30 to 90 days of the start of your fiscal year. The requirements include name and address of main individual receiving communication, policies for various topics assigned, rights of your HOA members, procedures to solve disputes, and procedures used to oversee physical changes to your property.

Miscellaneous Requirements

There are various requirements that include requirements due each year and as needed. Some of these requirements include:

  • 30 days prior to the Annual Budget Report, you must notify your members to send in their contact information
  • 120 days before the close of your fiscal year, you must disclose an overview of the financial statement prepared by a certified accountant
  • Other statements that must be filed with the Secretary of State

It is easy to fall behind or be overwhelmed when it comes to everything that is involved with HOA disclosures. Our professionals here at National Property Management Group in Santa Clarita is experienced in aiding HOA boards with maintaining and executing disclosures. We are ready to help you. Give us a call today.

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