HOA CC&Rs for Santa Clarita Homeowners Associations

Homeowners Association CC&Rs Ensure Proper Procedures

CC&Rs are extremely important governing documents that dictate how HOAs operate and the rules that owners must abide by. The covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) bind the HOA, residents, tenants, and guests to rules they must follow. CC&Rs are legal documents that the homeowners association enforces. National Property Management Group is the expert on property management, serving HOAs in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Valencia, and surrounding areas. NPMG can manage your HOA to enforce all the rules, and ensure proper procedures are followed for any rule changes.HOA CC&rs Santa Clarita


CC&Rs touch on rules involving pets, parking, recreational facilities, etc… For the most part, rules remain untouched but in the event of a proposed rule change, then the procedure explained in the governing documents will be used. The majority of HOAs use parliamentary procedure, where one board member makes a motion and another member can second it before discussion may continue. The proposed change to the bylaws will be added to the Homeowners association meeting agenda, and as long as a certain percentage (depicted in the CC&Rs) of the homeowners attend the meeting then a majority vote can be made.


National Property Management Group has extensive experience managing HOAs and dealing with CC&Rs. Our professional staff has tons of knowledge about homeowners association management in Southern California, with lots of customer satisfaction. National Property Management Group will manage your HOA so you don’t worry about dealing with the stress, member meetings, questions, CC&Rs, and residents!  If you have any questions about CC&Rs contact NPMG at 661-295-5966

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