HOA Dispute Resolution in Santa Clarita

4 Tips for an HOA Dispute Resolution

GavelUnfortunately, HOA disputes will happen. This is part of living in a Homeowners Association. However, if you know how to deal with a dispute, you will be able to quickly come to a resolution that is in favor of both parties. HOA dispute resolution is an art tha
t few have mastered. National Property Management is aware of the need to have superb dispute resolution here in Santa Clarita, so we are here to help. We have discovered key points for solving types of disputes. Maybe they will help you resolve one quickly and professionally.


You can start your resolution process by beginning an internal resolution. Both parties will meet to discuss the dispute and what has caused the disagreement. The HOA board will be present in the form of a neutral party. Either one of the parties can initiate an internal resolution and can quickly start the resolution process. This is the simplest way to resolve an issue and perhaps the cheapest on the wallet.


You are not alone in your dispute. If you and the second party cannot come to an agreement in a timely manner, you can call in mediation from a third party. They can then mediate the issues surrounding the disagreement to see what resolutions are available. Although mediation will reach a decision, you can choose to not accept it. However, it is possible an agreement will be issued.


Before you start the dispute resolution process, it is important to remember the laws in your state. You may wish to consult a Homeowners Association attorney or property management company to ensure you are following the correct laws when starting the process. If the law is not followed, repercussions can follow that are worse than the case itself.


If you cannot reach an agreement through any other method, you are entitled to arbitration. In this court-type case, a private judge will facilitate. Each party will present their disagreement and then the judge will arrive at a decision. This option should be considered a last resort.

National Property Management is your resource for Homeowners Association dispute resolution in Santa Clarita. We offer services to help you get the best resolution for each party. Call us today to see how we can help.

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