HOA Parking Rules in Santa Clarita

California laws regulate parking at the statewide and local level. Residents and property managers must be aware of the rules and regulations in their communities to ensure no rules are broken. National Property Management Group the expert Santa Clarita property management company, informing residents and property managers in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas about parking regulations.HOA Parking Rule Santa Clarita


In Southern California, cities with a high concentration of commuters have certain rules pertaining to street parking. Parking on major roads, or residential side streets is often prohibited during rush hours, with signs to inform commuters of the rules. Along with this, metered parking spots have time limits and require money until a certain time in the evening. Also, many areas have street cleaning and trash pick up scheduled on a weekly basis, so make sure to read the signs and avoid parking in designated zones. In housing communities like apartments, townhomes, and condominiums, there are specific parking rules set forth by HOAs that apply to both the residents and visitors.


While these are just a few of the common parking regulations that California laws enforce, there are many more rules that are city specific. National Property Management Group is familiar with local Santa Clarita laws, and other surrounding Southern California cities. By double-checking all of the signs, you will know exactly when it is safe to park and avoid any unnecessary parking tickets or vehicle towing. NPMG will help residents acquire Homeowner Association issued parking permits, and property managers develop parking rules when your HOA is managed by NPMG.

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2 thoughts on “HOA Parking Rules in Santa Clarita

  1. I have a question. Our HOA is trying to draw up changes to the CC&Rs. We are NOT gated and our streets are public. Can we place parking restrictions on the streets in the neighborhood…ie. overnight parking, number of vehicles, size of vehicles? Or is that only regulated by the current city laws? The HOA is in Old Orchard 2, and we are considered in Valencia, CA (part of Santa Clarita). Thank you for your time!

    • Naomi,

      First line of business is to determine if the Board is making changes to the CC&R’s or just the Rules and Regulations for the HOA. There is a huge difference between the two documents as one calls for community involvement and the other is subjective and can be changed without a community vote. Non-the-less, while you are a public street and are bound by the public ordinances for the street and the current city laws of the Santa Clarita Valley, your Board may adopt specific rules (not changes to the CC&R’s) regulating street parking. However, they cannot go against the current city regulations. For example, since it is a public street and open to public parking owners can park there through the evening. However, the Board can adopt a policy that states if the owner is parked in the same space for 96 hours without moving it is subject to being towed. This would be in line with the current city regulations. The Board can also adopt rules not allowing RV parking or limiting it to unloading/loading for a specific time period. Many CC&R’s also allow the Board to adopt policies restricting commercial vehicles, which may include a size limit on the vehicle. I hope you find this information helpful, if you have any additional questions please let us know.

      National Property Management Group

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