Keep Your Lawn Looking Great in the Summer Heat

Keep Your Lawn Looking Great in the Summer Heat

hoa yard grass santa claritaSummer lawn care is crucial to having a great looking yard all year round. With drought bans now lifted and summer, it is important to remember proper lawn care within your HOA. The summer heat in Santa Clarita is known to wreak havoc on your lawn and the beautiful plants around your home. It is important to take the proper precautions to keep your lawn looking great. Here are some summer lawn care basics to keep your lawn perfect for your HOA.

Don’t Cut Short

It is widely known that grass is mowed short instead of long. In fact, most lawnmowers have setting already in place for a close shave. However, in the summer heat, it is best to cut long instead of short. Longer roots can grow if you cut your grass long. These roots can reach water located deep within the soil, instead of the surface. Set your lawnmower on a higher setting to avoid cutting too short.

Water Your Grass

Your grass should remain moisturized in the summer heat. The best way to do this is through watering your grass. If you have had shorter grass, it is important that you water more frequently. It is a great rule of thumb to have an inch of water placed on your grass weekly so that your grass has a lot to soak up. By watering early in the morning, you are also decreasing evaporation – keeping your water where it belongs.

Feed Your Grass

Some grass just isn’t strong enough to handle the heat. It is important to feed your grass, especially the grass that is withering. Your lawn deserves long and beautiful blades instead of bald spots. You can use grass feed that is available at most home stores.

Need help? National Property is here to help you make your HOA looking clean and up to par. Give us a call to discuss regulations in your area for water and resources.


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