Our Technology We have the ability to grant all Board members direct access to our operating software which can be accessed from any remote location. This allows for easy viewing of all community information online and in real time. This service will add a level of transparency to the work we do for our clients. If a Board member wishes to check an owner’s balance or to see if a vendor invoice has been processed, the information is available at all times. All Board members will have an opportunity to be trained on our operating system to better serve their community.

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Web Portals

Through our free integrated web portal all homeowners will have online access to their account statements, invoices, work order status, governing documents and other important information. Through this online access homeowners can easily pay their HOA assessments via  credit card. Homeowners can also sign up for electronic mailings in place of regular mail; doing this will help save their association money. This technology provides the tools for successful property management operations.